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Emotion Coaching

Emotion Coaching at Cadle 


Emotion Coaching is  a strategy that we use at Cadle to support pupils' emotional well-being. 


The key to emotion coaching is empathy.  


Staff and pupils use a three step approach to issues: 


Firstly we name the behaviour to tame it: "I can see that you are sad today " 


We then soothe the person.  This can be with a simple technique that we call " finger breathing"


Finally we sort it to solve it. This means that we work with the child to decide on what we can do in the future to change the behaviour / feeling. 

This is what the pupils say about becoming an Emotion Coach 


 How we became an Emotion Coach.....


We had to fill out a form and tell the teachers why we would be a good Emotion Coach. Then it was up to them: we also had an interview.



At the start of the year we had to decide if we would like to be an Emotion Coach.We each had a form and filled it out.Having Emotion Coaches has really helped people to understand that every Emotion is okay.We are Emotion Coaches in school and out.Anyone can be an Emotion Coach, even you! The Emotion coaches have a meeting every Friday and we also have a job to do.  The emotion coach first aid box is a plastic box with colouring pictures and all sorts! We have a Peace Mala  Garden where we sit and do our job.Being a Emotion Coach is fun: everyone can use an Emotion Coach!

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