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Evaluation of: Language, Literacy and Communication   Term: Autumn 2019/20



  • Learning walk



This term Mrs Clement undertook a learning walk through the school, making observations throughout the different departments.




Throughout the school, in all classes, there are areas and resources that suitably support the development of pupils’ literacy skills.


In the Acorns department (Nursery and Reception), there is a literacy lounge with sound-mats and dictionaries. There is a ‘Book Nook’ with tricky word sentences to extend pupils. There are interactive displays which are effective as they enable pupils to undertake tasks such as matching up initial sounds with words and objects.

To promote oracy, there is access for all pupils to use puppets and teddies for story- telling and roleplaying. There is also a Welsh cwtch with Welsh books; a roleplay area with the theme ‘Who do you want to be when you grow up?’; fiddly fingers area to develop fine motor skills and other such useful language areas.

The ICT area is utilised by all pupils for them to practise their typing and playing games, and the outdoor area has literacy challenges with outside books and writing journals.

From observations, all pupils were on task in small groups with teachers and support staff, clearly enjoying the tasks and challenges set.


In the Saplings Department (Years 1,2,3), the learning environment is bright and colourful with clearly defined literacy areas. Key words and labelled displays are prevalent and VIP (Very Independent Pupil areas) are differentiated appropriately in-line with current skills undertaken within classes (currently this is instruction writing). There are other topic related VIP areas, which include an interactive activity whereby pupils physically move the labels around to label parts a body; this is linked to our topic ‘Healthy me’. There are also kinaesthetic areas for pupils to practise their letter and word formation, using playdough, paint and other multi- sensory materials. There are ‘Fiddly Finger’ areas for pupils to practise their fine motor skills and key word walls with words displayed that are linked to personalised ‘Jolly phonic’ word patterns, pertinent to those that pupils are practising. Resources such as dictionaries, word- books, word and alphabet mats are in easily accessible for pupils to support literacy lessons. There are book corners, which are bilingual, which pupils can use to read and relax in and ‘Cadle’s Lovely Letters’ charts are displayed to helped with reading letter sounds as well as forming them correctly. Roleplay areas are utilised throughout the classes, also complementary to the Healthy Me topic. There are home corners and Cafes to name a few. From observations, once again, all pupils were on task in small groups, pairs and individuals with teachers and support staff, fully involved and immersed in the tasks and challenges set.


In the Oak Trees Department, all language displays are uniform in colour: bright and stimulating with appropriate literacy challenges incorporated, as well as pupils work being displayed for celebration purposes. There are ‘Punctuation Pals’ to encourage pupils to practise skills learnt. Bilingual displays and Welsh books encourage pupils to utilise their Welsh as well as English speaking, reading and writing.

An observed activity included pupils working within a small group, making banana muffins. The use of the instruction text type was apparent and pupils used the relevant vocabulary whilst enjoying the cooking task.

Free writing areas are incorporated within classes to further develop explanation writing and pupils can practise their skills in a non- threatening way.

Organised ‘Morning Activity’ boxes are used by pupils with spelling and guided reading activities. These provide suitable challenge and differentiation for particular groups of pupils.

Up on displays were punctuation, synonym, wow word posters as well as Alan Peat posters to further develop particular text types. Once again, Cadle’s lovely letters posters, dictionaries and adverb posters are available on tables for use throughout group tasks. Happy hands and handwriting boxes are also available for daily use.


Next Steps

  • To continue to develop free writing through the school for pupils to further develop their writing skills.
  • To continue to use literacy Rio Challenges to enhance the children’s learning- to be incorporated into Literacy books
  • To continue to develop independence of spelling words through the use of dictionaries






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