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Evaluation of: Science and Technology           Term: Autumn 2019/20



  • Learning environment walk
  • Listening to Learners


This term, Mr Davies (Science) and Miss Lloyd (ICT/DCF) conducted a learning walk of the Acorns, Saplings and Oaktrees learning environment.



In Saplings and Acorns, the children were observed in small groups using ‘Reading Eggs’ to enhance their understanding of reading during English Elephants lessons. When speaking with the children, they were enthusiastic about the use of reading eggs and enjoyed using it daily during their English activities as an independent task. They were proud of their levels and achievements on the site. Pupils were also excited to share the fact that they also use ICT to enhance their maths understanding by using ‘Maths Whizz’ as an independent task during maths monsters lessons. During Topic time, pupils were keen to share that they have been using ICT to enhance their learning in aspects such as healthy eating and the importance of sleep, where they used a voice recording app on their J2E accounts to leave messages for someone who was struggling to sleep. Younger pupils were beginning to log on themselves and older children were more than happy to help them with the logging in process. In the Saplings and Acorns learning areas, displays were being used to show their ‘Healthy on the inside and out’ Knowledge and Understanding of the world topic. When asked about what the children have been learning about, they were able to talk confidently about healthy eating, hygiene and what they had recently learned about the body. In terms of ICT, displays were being used to show prompts about logging in as well as useful websites that could be accessed and when asked, children were able to state ways to stay safe online. In the Oaktrees it was observed that displays were being used to show whole school topic work ‘Healthy Confident Individuals’ where ICT and Science were being combined to enhance pupils learning. E-Rio mascot for internet safety was displayed in most classrooms to remind pupils to stay safe online. When talking to learners, it was stated that they are enjoying creating databases on food around the world and also homework tasks were being set using the Popplet app.


In conclusion, Mr Davies and Miss Lloyd really enjoyed seeing what the children had been doing this Autumn term. The classroom environments had lots of Science and ICT aspects on display. The children in both Saplings and Oaktrees were extremely confident and positive when speaking about their Science/Knowledge and Understanding topic this term and how they have used ICT/DCF skills throughout. Keep up the good work! We look forward to seeing your work books and HWB accounts next term!

Next Steps

  • To develop learning opportunities outdoors for Acorns/Saplings/Oaktrees by using QR codes linking with curriculum aspects such Knowledge and Understanding (KS1) and Science (KS2). Children could use the QR codes to link to specific exercises/science topics that can be accessed during playtimes and opportunities for outdoor learning.
  • To continue to develop Science enhanced provision areas across the school and ensuring taught skills are being transferred to independent learning areas – this was something that learning groups were very keen to have access to.
  • To ensure all classes have E-Rio internet safety displayed.







SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Environment and listening to learners November 19

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