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British Artists

L.S. Lowry


Growing up near Manchester, in the north of England, Lowry painted pictures of people and factories. Sometimes described as 'matchstick' men and women, his paintings are of ordinary people doing ordinary things. 


Charles Rennie Macintosh


A Scottish architect and artist, Charles Rennie Macintosh is well know for his buildings in Glasgow and his famous 'rose' design. Many of his ideas are based on drawings he made from nature. Macintosh worked closely with a group of other artists called 'The Glasgow Boys' and also a group known as 'The Four'- two men and two women who created lots of designs together. 

We know that when our brains connect up with other learners they fire at their very best. Find opportunities to work together with other people in your class and family and see what happens to your art work. Think also about the ways in which Art connects to other areas of the curriculum - Maths, Literacy, Humanities. Charles Rennie Macintosh may be known for his Art but what about all the calculations and symmetry he used to create beautiful buildings like the Glasgow School of Art?



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