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Dear Boys / Girls,


On Friday, you will be allowed to bring in a toy ( non - electrical ) to school.


Also, next term our topic is " More than Mods and Rocker" a focus on the 60s!


Can you research life in the 1960's .... music / film / clothing / famous people / events to

present to the class in January?


You can create your project in any form:






Bring in pictures etc


Remember to talk to family members who may have lived through the 60s.


We will be having a " Swinging Sixties" disco during the second week back so start to get your outfit ready!


Happy Christmas!


Lower Junior Staff


Dear parents/carers


We are looking forward to our Christmas concert this year in the Lower Juniors - 'Christmas through the decades'.


We would like to give you the opportunity to begin to prepare your child's costume and as a half term homework task we would like all children to research their specific decade. Looking at significant events from that decade, famous Christmas songs and popular toys.


Your child's decade will be

60's - Group Melyn and Group Coch!

80's - Group Porffor and Group Glas!


Many thanks Lower Junior staff.

80's outfit ides

60's outfit ideas

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