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Numeracy needs us to apply what we know practically. For example, in order to understand 'bigger' or 'smaller'  'more than' or 'less than', we need to be able to apply this to the world around us before we apply it to numbers. All of our Numeracy takes place in a practical contest; we work at a 'concrete' level before we can understand it visually or record it in our books in an abstract way.

Social Skills

Learning to work together is a very important skill for our class. We need to be able to listen to others, wait our turn and use our words to let others know what we need.
Language development is a key part of our classroom. Supporting children to become good listeners and use their words underpins all our learning opportunities. Through our gallery we will share pictures of some of the many activities we use to promote these skills. Please let us know if you would like to borrow any resources or want to find out about ways to support your child's learning at home
There are lots of opportunities to develop our fine and gross motor skills. We all need to have good balance to keep ourselves upright and able to move around safely. We use the 'Developmental Co-ordination' pack provided by the children's Occupational Health team to plan daily activities that develop balance, strength and fine motor skills. Riding a bike, baking and any sporting activities are all ways to help your child at home. See more ideas in this section of our gallery or come and talk to us if you would like with a specific skills.

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