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Spring term - Marvellous Me

There is Only One Me...Guess which Me is Me?

We have been looking at the work of some well known Welsh Artists including Kyffin Williams and Ceri Richards. We looked at the details they included in their portraits and used different mediums to paint self portraits. See if you can recognise us...

We are all the same... and different

We have been investigating some of the ways in which we are the same as each other and also different. We found out that some of us are boys, some of us are girls. Some of us are eight years old, while others' are ten on our next birthday. We worked together to sequence our ages and help us to understand which Numicon numbers were the biggest.


This term there are lots of opportunities to celebrate. We will be learning about Dydd Santes Dwynwen, Chinese New Year, pancake day, Dydd Gwyl Dewi and of course Easter. We have been thinking about what it means to us to be a child in school in Wales, we realised that we are very fortunate to have our very own language and we are very excited about developing our Welsh 'Superpowers'. We thought about the different ways that festivals are celebrated in other parts of the world and even learnt how to say 'Happy New Year' in Chinese for the year of the rat.

What happens in winter?

Look what Jack Frost left....
on top of our water butt
the world looks different
in winter
what will happen to the water overnight?
Searching for winter beauty
in the school grounds
We love to be outdoors
is this beautiful to you?
investigating what happens in winter
Lots of beauty to be found on our farm
we all find different things beautiful
Winter sunshine on our community farm
Such a perfect day

FareShare 2020 - Thank you Tesco

Cooking develops our fine motor skills
We are always excited when Fareshare arrives
We try to be brave and taste new things
We learn to be safe in the kitchen
We love to try new recipes
Our fingers work hard
We cook most weeks in class
This means we are becoming independent
We use our measuring skills
Eating together is a great social activity

Joining in with other classes

Swansea Festival of Stitch 2020

We love to work with the wider community. We have been really lucky to  host teachers' textile workshops in our classroom after school this term. We have been given lots of lovely resources to help us make flower boxes for display in the festival of stitch. Our work will be placed on Mumbles pier in August for everyone to see.


We will make flowers ourselves but we are really pleased that other people are going to get involved - Our 'Knitting Nanas' who visit the Oak trees every Thursday have agreed to help; one of our pupils' who left us a few years ago has come back and sewed with us - it is great for us to work alongside positive role models who were once in our class.

Sewing with positive role models
Piecing the petals together
Persevering at new challenges
Teachers' learning together in workshops
The first of our festival flower boxes

Keeping Safe

We work hard to keep ourselves safe. Sometimes we need to look after our emotional well being, other times we need to take care of our health. This term we have been learning to 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' and mind out for the winter germs. We have also been talking about how we feel when we have to visit the hospital, or if we, or one of our class mates, has to stay in the hospital. We have talked about safe touch using the NSPCC 'Pants' resources. Check out our online resources and links further up the page if you want to know more.

One sneeze spreads germs everywhere
This is only glitter - imagine if it was germs
We can have fun and learn about serious things
Catch those germs
Bin them!
Kill those germs with soap and water
Role playing people who help us

World Book Day 2020

We like to dress up
We chose our favourite characters
Recipe books are some of our favourites
We helped each other read instructions
Working together as a team to make biscuits

Welcoming the Spring

We learn about time in a real and meaningful way. We check what day and month it is and we look at the world around us to make sure we notice the seasons as they change. We are fortunate to have the community farm on our doorstep, it is a great place to look for signs of spring when they start to arrive. In March, after our St David's day celebrations with the rest of the school, we set off to find out what is happening in the school grounds and the farm.

Staying healthy - Sports Relief 2020

Chopping fruit
Threading them on to skewers
Making sure we get our '5 a day'
We love fruit!

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