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How to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle

How to lead a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle



Do you know if you have a healthy and happy lifestyle?

  Hopefully this text will provide you will all the information you need to lead a healthy and happy life!  This text will share information , tips and benefits about how to exercise, have a healthy mind and eat healthy.




Exercise is important because it keeps your heart pumping fresh blood around your body. Also, it helps to burn calories and keep you fit.There are many types of exercises you can do such as running outdoors, walking the dog, push ups, sits ups, burpees, skipping and playing team sports like football. The best exercise you can do is glute squats! Did you know that you're meant to stretch before you exercise and cool down after? You can do a stradle, pike or touch your toes to stretch. To warm down you can listen to relaxing music and do some yoga moves ,or you can do finger breathing. Additionally, why not have a look on Go-Noodle Flow to find some relaxing, soothing and calming activities



Healthy Mind


It is important to have a healthy mind because it helps you stay focused in school, home and work. It is always very important to have the right amount of sleep, which is 8 hours per night.  Technology is one of the main reasons why people don't have a healthy mind and feel tired through the day.  Make sure you have a time limit to spend on electronic devices, such as,  i-pad, laptop, i-phone, xbox, nintendo switch/ds and PS4.  A child should have no longer than 2 hours screen time a day. Instead you need to communicate with others to be more social, spend time outdoors to get fresh air , or read a book! You can also do some calming activities to refocus like finger breathing, meditation, arts and crafts and cooking.



Eating Healthy

It is vital that you have a healthy, balanced diet. You need to look at the Eat well guide to find out what types of foods and how much you should be eating of these foods to have a healthy diet. Below is a picture of the Eatwell Guide


Did you know?


Dairy is good for your bones.


Protein helps to repair your muscles.


Carbohydrates give you energy.


Fruit and vegetables give you vitamins and nutrients. You should have at least 5 a day to keep the doctor away!


You should not have have too many foods in the oils, fats and spreads these are bad for your heart.



Now you know how to have a healthy and happy lifestyle from the information that has been shared with you. Clearly it's important to exercise daily, eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day and sleep well (at least 8 hours per night.



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