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Autumn - Health and Well-Being

Health and Well Being: Starting the new year investigating the seasonal changes around us

Outside the school grounds on a bramble hunt
'The Lost Words' - reading the 'Bramble' 'spell'
Look what we have found
Measuring the ingredients
Working together
Look what we have made
Delicious blackberry crumble

Health and Well Being - Ethical Informed Citizens: Choosing which Rights to include in our class charter

Health and Well Being: World's Biggest Coffee Morning - Friday 27th September

Getting ready to help raise money for Macmillan
Breaking up hard chocolate makes strong fingers
Decorated and ready to go

Health and Well Being: Learning for Life

Out and about on the school mini bus
Learning to do our shopping
Following instructions
We have great community links

Health and Well Being: Ethical Informed Citizens: A sensory journey through water vulnerability (Harvest 2019)

Health and Well Being: Ethical Informed Citizens-Harvest Song 2019

Harvest Song

Still image for this video
We are very proud of Steffan and Kalem who wrote this song for us to perform in the Harvest celebration this year.
Shwmae Day 2019
We talked about Welsh traditions and recipes
Using fine motor skills to decorate our Welsh cake
Squeezing and sprinkling
Choosing what to use
We love to taste....
and eat together
Shwmae! It's great to talk Welsh
We made 'shwmae' stickers
We said 'shwmae' to everyone we met

Health and Well Being: The Big Draw Community Event (Cadle Primary @St Peter's Church Cockett) Saturday 19th October 2019

Families and pupils at work
School and Community Saturday workshop
Drawn to Life 2019

Health and Well-Being: Autumn Numeracy

Health and Well Being: Developing our Fine Motor Skills

Health and Well Being: Active Learning

Fine motor skills ready for ribbon dancing
Moving to music
Look what we have made
Let's go fly a kite
Taking our ribbon outside
Getting our hearts beating faster
Looking after our babies
Sending the post on its way
Taking turns at the letter box
Everyone gets a turn

Health and Well Being: Working together

Children in Need

Working together
How to crack an egg
Independent learners
Mark making in icing
Wearing our spots and Pudsey clothes
Check out our pictures
Iced Pudsey
Eating our cakes before we go home

Health and Well Being - Ethical Informed Citizens - Food bank collection

Health and Well-Being: Winter Wonderland

Best of friends
Working together
Look what's happening to the leaves
Finding the biggest .....
Listening to the leaves scrunch
Making the most of the December sunshine
Look at the colours
Our school grounds change with the seasons. Getting out and about helps us to notice time passing - this term the trees have reminded us of the switch from Autumn to Winter.
Hosanna Rocks - Practising in class

Hosanna Rocks.mp4

Still image for this video
Some of us like to be solo superstars....

Hosanna Rocks (2).mp4

Still image for this video
Others feel more confident singing a duet.

Hosanna Rocks (3).mp4

Still image for this video
We have had great fun taking turns performing in front of the class.

Hosanna Rocks (4).mp4

Still image for this video
Practising is helping us to feel ready to perform with the Oak Trees in the last week of term.
Taking part in the Christmas concert with boys and girls from 'The Oak Trees' is a great opportunity for us to perform in front of an audience. Lots of time and effort goes into practising in class. For some of us, this may be the first concert we have felt confident enough to take part in a live performance. We practice in class as a group and also on our own; these short films provide us with opportunities to reflect on our own performance and give our families the chance to watch us singing if we don't feel confident enough to join in on the day.

Health and Well Being : The Gift of Giving

As part of our preparation for Christmas this year we have been learning about the gift of giving. We know that when we fill someone else's 'bucket', by being kind to them, we fill our own bucket and feel good about ourselves. We have each chosen a gift that we would like to receive and written it on a piece of paper with our names. Someone else picked out our name and went shopping to buy the gift for us. When we eat our Christmas lunch together we will swap presents in the true spirit of Christmas giving and sharing.

Health and Well Being: Eating out in our Locality

1. Finding a place for us all to sit
2. Something to do while we wait for our food
3. This looks like a good choice
4. 'Cooked breakfast please'
5. Sharing the crayons
6. Breakfast has arrived
7. Tuck in everyone
8. It is lovely to eat out together
9. Finishing our pictures before we leave

Health and Well-Being

We like to eat lunch together every day in class
Today is a very special occasion
We are all eating our Christmas dinner together
Everyone enjoyed and tried the different foods

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