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Skills and Structure - We are using our knowledge of religions to inform as as Ethically Informed Citizens.

Skills and Structure - We used our research skills to learn about different world religions.

Skills and Structure - Today we started to learn about peace. We discussed its meaning, listened to music, and made pledges about ways in which we can be more " peaceful".

Skills and Structure - Ahead of anti - bullying week, we have looked at the different roles people can play: both positive and negative. We discussed how we can make a difference and play our part by respecting others and using our values.

Skills and Structure. Today we discussed how bullies behave. We looked at how aunt Sponge and Spiker treat James.

Emotion Coaching. The Brain House. We explored our 'Upstairs and Downstairs Brains'. We discussed how the strategies of Emotion Coaching can help to regulate emotions.

Emotion Coaching. We revisited the strategies of Emotion Coaching. Step1 - Name it to Tame it. Step2 - Soothe it to Stop it. Step3 - Sort it to Solve it.

Understanding Emotions. We played Emotions Charades. Can you guess how we are feeling?

BEING SAFE. We can talk about what makes us feel safe and unsafe. We created a hand of safety showing who keeps us safe. We all have the right to be kept safe. Article 27.

BEING SAFE. We listened to music and drew how it made us feel using different colours, shapes and lines. Then we created our SAFE/UNSAFE posters by adding words and drawing our sensations. We all have the right to feel safe. Article 27.

BEING SPECIAL. We created self-portraits and filled them with what makes us who we are. We have a right to a name and nationality. Article 7. We are all SPECIAL!

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