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Thinking Matters

Thinking Matters

At Cadle Primary School, we have started on our journey to becoming a 'Thinking School' with our Thinking Matters Consultant Paul Tyack.


Thinking Matters is a student centred, inclusive, evidence informed and progress-focused approach, in which the development  metacognitive strategies and intelligent learning behaviours leads to more effective learning if it is integrated into content planning.


What is a Thinking School?


A Thinking School has a culture in which both pupils and teachers learn how to think reflectively, critically and creatively, and in which the use of  metacognitive tools and strategies are consistent across the whole school community (i.e Thinking Frames, Question matrix, Blooms Level Questioning) ,  which help construct a meaningful curriculum, in line with The New Curriculum for Wales.


Why become a Thinking School?


  • It develops skilled, independent, reflective learners
  • Greater motivation –for children and teachers
  • Improved discipline and attendance
  • Improved attitudes, behaviours and coping strategies
  • Improved teaching and lesson quality
  • Creates a common thinking language throughout the school



Thinking Matters at Cadle Primary School



Our aim is to adopt a common language of thinking at Cadle Primary School, making thinking explicit to all. We want to develop a school culture where thinking is at the heart and teachers and pupils alike, learn how to think reflectively, critically & creatively, and employ these skills and techniques as an approach to learning within The New Curriculum for Wales, meeting the four purposes. Within this School culture, we aim to provide meaningful learning opportunities, in which pupils demonstrate independent and cooperative skills, high levels of achievement, and enjoyment and satisfaction when learning.  



Teachers are undertaking training in the following areas to deepen their knowledge and skills to teach, support and facilitate learners:

  • Developing a Thinking School- Understanding the Science of Learning
  • Developing Metacognition-Thinking Processes and Visual Tools
  • Developing Metacognition-Creating and Breaking the Habits of the Mind
  • Developing Metacognition-Motivation, Feedback and Thinking Practices


Pupils and Teachers are engaging well with Thinking Matters.


Teachers are:

  • using the Q matrix to develop key questions for teaching and learning
  • planning and utilising Thinking Frames within their lessons
  • wearing and using Blooms Question levels lanyards with question stems


Pupils are :

  • using Thinking Frames within lessons
  • using Q matrix and Question dice in class











Blooms Level Questioning Actions

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Thinking Frames

Thinking frames action and child friendly

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