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Late/Absence procedures

Absence/Late Procedures for Cadle Primary pupils

One of our goals at Cadle Primary School is to ensure that our pupils attend school everyday and on time.  Attending school on a regular basis provides your child with the best opportunity to have a successful future.

Getting to school on time is a good habit and benefits your child for a lifetime. 


Child sickness/Absence

It is important that we are informed of a pupils absence as soon as possible. You can contact the school by telephone on 01792 584498 leaving a message on the absence line or you can send an e-mail to  There is a also a contact us page on the school website which you can complete and the message will be sent directly to the School Office.


Medical Appointments/Special circumstances

If you can let the school office or the teacher know as soon as you are aware of a medical appointment etc and this can then be recorded correctly on the register with the School Office. 


Late/Absence Procedures 

Any pupil who arrives after the classroom doors are shut should be brought to the office and signed in by a responsible Adult. The person will need to complete, the date, time, Pupils name,class and reason for arriving late. Understandably there are unforeseen circumstances where children are late but as a school we encourage punctuality at all times. Being late by just 10 minutes every day for a year adds up to 31 hours of learning that a child has lost.


"We have the right to go to School, to learn about interesting things and be the best that we can be."


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