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Autumn Term

Welcome Back


We are really excited to be back in school for the new year. There have been lots of changes since we were last together. Some of our class have moved to their new schools; they will be putting on their comprehensive school uniforms and moving into shiny new schools. While you have been away the grown ups have been working hard to make our classroom and school colourful and safe ready for you to return. 


Over the term we will still be practising how to wash our hands and keep ourselves, and each other, safe. We will be remembering our hand washing songs and practising 'Catch it, Kill it, Bin it' again. You will be experts and ready to teach any new children who join us this year.


We will be thinking about the changing season.... I wonder if any of you have noticed what is happening outside to the trees, plants and weather? 

Keeping Safe

Catch it, Kill it, Bin it
Time to wash our hands

Learning new ways of showing we care about each other

We read a story to help us think
We looked at pictures
Writing a kind note
or showing kind hands



Every morning when we arrive in school we organise ourselves to get ready for learning. This term we take some extra time to pack  our coats and bags away safely in our lockers and wash our hands before we start our activities. We have learnt that exercising together helps us to feel positive, it releases happy feelings in our bodies, it helps us stay fit and well.


Our favourite dances are the 'Kids Bop' routines. We love to move and sing along together. Use the link above to try them out at home.



Getting Ready to Learn

Pictures and words help us to remember
Every morning when we arrive...
we take out or snacks
we get ready to learn

Check out our Moves

'Its going to be the best day of my life'
'I want you back'
'Take Back my Life Song'
'Do the Kids Bop Shuffle'

The Lost Words


This year, more than ever, we are very aware of the world around us. Now is a time for us to reflect on important words, places and spaces where we can be safe. Learning together, outdoors, is a wonderful place to be after all the months we have spent apart.


Our school grounds are full of beautiful sights and experiences,,,, birds, leaves, trees, flowers and even some supersize vegetables. We like to start the new school year by looking around to see what is changing in the natural world this season. The beautiful words and pictures of Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris remind us of the importance of words and language. Outdoor learning experiences allow us to use all our senses to enjoy the natural world together. Together, we can learn to use our eyes, ears and sense of touch to name and enjoy the magical spells that make up 'The Lost Words'.


The Lost Words.... What can you see outside?



Learning to understand time can sometimes be a challenge; this has been especially true over the last few months when many of our routines have changed. We take time each day to try to understand when things happen. We learn about the twelve months of the year, the days of the week, the changing of the seasons and different times of day. We understand that we do different things at different times - eat breakfast in the morning, lunch in the middle of the day and go home in the afternoon. The grown ups help us to understand the different days by wearing this colour clothes each day:






We use words and pictures to help us understand what is for lunch on different days - curry on a Tuesday and dinner on Thursday are two of our favourites.


Our classroom birthday balloons help us to remember which month our birthday is, how old we are now and how old we will be on our next birthday. Classroom routines and help boxes explain the sequence of activities using the words 'first, next, then and finally'. 


Autumn Days

what can we see?
outdoor exploring
looking all around us
signs of the season
on a beautiful autumn day
our neighbours enjoying the sunshine
sun making leaf shadows
freedom to run
time to explore
sun in our eyes
hiding among the trees
what can we hear?
what does the ground feel like?
taking time to reflect

Learning Outdoors

what can it be?
look from all angles....
something beginning with 's'
what's inside?
counting in fives
how many???
what are these called?
big, bigger, biggest roots...
what on earth is that crawling?
feeling brave...
planting bulbs for the winter
flowers for the autumn
our classroom pot in full bloom
Welcome to the Buds

Learning to cross the road using our school drive

Finding a safe place
stop, look, listen
we only cross when it is safe
we walk across the road carefully

Swansea Community Farm


Just on our doorstep, the farm is an amazing place to discover sounds, sights and smells. There are lots of animals... some even pay the school grounds a visit every day (safely fenced in of course) and help to keep our grass in shape. We are very grateful that we are still allowed to visit, because, unfortunately, the farm is closed to the public at the moment. 


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