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Summer - The Beach

Project Overview


This project enables children to explore plants, animals and materials found on the seashore.  A trip to the beach will enthuse the children at the start of the topic and related activities will be planned for in school. 


In this project children will learn about some of these things:


• Plants and animals that live on the seashore

• Man-made and natural features of the seashore

• Names of different coastal towns and beach resorts in Wales

• Keeping safe at the seashore, including water hazards

• Properties of natural materials found at the seashore including sand, water, rock, shingle and driftwood

• Creating temporary art using natural materials

• Traditions of the seaside

• Recording their ideas, feelings and experiences through drawing, mark making and emergent writing

• Using their voices and bodies to respond imaginatively to sounds and music

• The effects of pollution on the natural habitat

• The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences in the indoor and outdoor environment.

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