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Here we are showing excellent team work skills to create group murals that illustrate kindness using a variety of materials.

We worked as a team to create a marble maze using a variety of materials.

Here we are discussing leadership and what characteristics a good leader would have. We also explored different scenarios and what actions would be responsible.

Here are our brilliant posters that we made about things we can and can't control.

We've been learning about team work and how our emotions may change when playing games with each other. We also made our own sensory bottles to help calm us down when we feel we may be about to flip our lids.

Here we are learning about different problems we may encounter and what the best way to deal with them is. We also explored different words to describe ourselves and asked our friends to contribute to our kindness clouds.

Today in our THRIVE session, we created self - portraits and began to make books " All About Us".

We have been learning about our school values and choosing values for our animals.

This week we have been discussing our different identities. We created some whacky animal identities based on the story " Dogs don't do ballet".

In THRIVE today we talked about how it is OK to be what we want to be. Be together, not the same.

We had a great time in Saplings D. We were learning about being the same and different. We played games, discussed how we had differences and similarities using our Dojo monsters, and drew and wrote about them.

BEING SAFE. We created our very own Safety Balloons. We drew our safe place and put it in our balloon. Then we drew all the people that keep us safe on our 'Safe Hands'. We all have the right to a SAFE place to live. Article 27.

BEING SAFE. We made a new home for our friend Freddie The Fox. Look at him in his new safe home!

BEING SPECIAL. We can talk about what makes us special! Look at our fantastic posters and capital letters. We are all SPECIAL! We have the right to a name. Article 7.

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