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Spelling Group

Spelling Words Nov - Dec 2018

Mr Cole

W/B 19/11/18

W/B 3/12/18

 Choice, voice, rejoice, avoid, spoil, spoilt toilet, joint, point, disappoint, sauce, fault, autumn, haunt, august, because, pause, applause, trauma, author


Eager, appear, disappear, disease, reason, season, breathe, repeat, feature , creature, bread, dead, head, instead, ready, spread, thread, meadow, deaf, health

W/B 17/12/18


Early, earn, earth, earthquake, earthworm, heard, learn, pearl, research, search, afraid, against, bargain, Britain, certain, curtain, complain, fountain, mountain, obtain





Spelling Words Jan - Feb 2019

Mr Cole

W/B 28/1/19 (Test)

W/B 11/2/19 (Test)

 Bluffs, cliffs, cuffs, puffs, sniffs, elves, halves, knives, leaves, lives, loaves, kangaroos, zoos, pianos, solos, trios, dominoes, igloos, duos, studios,

Birthdays, boys, chimneys, cowboys, donkeys, journeys, monkeys, armies, babies, centuries, cities, diaries, enemies, fairies, families, jellies, ladies, hobbies, factories countries


W/B 25/2/19 (Test)


Cuddly, gently horribly, miserably, possibly, probably, simply, sparkly , wriggly, wrinkly,

Angrily, clumsily, easily, happily, heavily, luckily, merrily, steadily, lazily, wearily




Spelling Words March-April 2019

Mr Cole

W/B 18/3/19 (Test)

W/B 25/3/19 (Test)

Bouncing, calculating, celebrating, damaging, dancing, deciding, exploring imagining , including increasing measuring, pausing, whistling, wrestling, writing , competing, laughing, loving , hugging, smiling

Beginning, clapping, cutting, digging, dragging, dropping, flapping, getting, hopping, hugging, applies, bullies, cries, denies, fries, relies, replies, spies, supplies, tries


W/B 1/4/19 (Test)


Applied, bullied, cried, denied, fried, lied, relied, replied, satisfied, tried, obtained, remained, repaired, bounced, cemented, damaged, danced, decided, entertained imagined




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